We put the right people, in the right jobs, at the right time.

We put the right people,
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We put the right people,
in the right jobs, at the right time. Register now >

We put the right people,
in the right jobs, at the right time. Register now >

Answering Typical Interview Questions

You have to be prepared to answer all types of questions during an interview. We understand you will no doubt have spent hours and sometimes days preparing for that dream job and when that question you hadn’t thought of comes your way it can throw you, knock your confidence and ultimately lose you the job.

So take a look through some of the examples we have found over the years our clients have asked many of our candidates and we hope this will help to prepare you and assist you...

Can you tell me about Yourself

This question crops up at the start of most interviews, it’s an ice breaker that many clients will use as they genuinely do want to know more about you as a person and what makes you tick. You need to remember they are looking for you to be concise and this is your opportunity to really sell yourself to them, keep the role you are there for in mind before you answer with irrelevant information.

A good way to start is to ask them what they would like you to focus on first – your education, experience or interests. That way you have kept control but also understood what is important to the interviewer and you have also used the time wisely.

What attracted you to this particular role/scheme?

The interviewer is looking for you to be very specific. They want to know you have understood the role and what it is about the company and key tasks in particular that has made you apply and want to work at the. Be careful not to go too far on the charm offensive but stay focused on the true reasons on wanting the role, ensuring getting across key degree relevancy or skill sets that make you such a relevant applicant.

What are your strengths/weaknesses...?

This question always tends to come up in interviews. This is a real opportunity for you to sell your skills against the person specification, identifying any modules or projects you have worked on or any placement experience you have that would prove invaluable to the company. The second part  of this question is always hard to answer. It means you have to admit to actually having weaknesses!! 

You can look at an example of when you have not been good at something in the past and how you have worked hard to change this weakness and now you feel it is a strength. A good example of this could be when you first went to university you felt you were a little shy but during the three years you  have developed great confidence through presentations, working in teams and communicating as a course rep.

Why should we give you a place on our graduate scheme?

Most interviewers will ask a question very similar to this. It may be phrased as why do you want the job, why should we give you the job or even why are you a better choice than anyone else!! The interviewer is not looking for you to knock your competition but for you to address all the things they are looking for and demonstrate all the advantages of recruiting you. You need to focus on the role/scheme and the key criteria and why you are perfect for the role.

Do you have any questions?

When you are preparing for the interview you must always be ready for the question and answers section. The interviewer will expect you to have many questions ready. Key questions to ask should be based around:

  • The role and responsibilities
  • Projects you will work on
  • Company clients
  • The company
  • The development of the position
  • The training, whether professional training is offered or encouraged
  • The team you will be working with

If you feel very brave one question that is always good to ask is...

Do you have ANY. This question provides the interviewer with an opportunity to address any concerns they may have regarding you as a person or regarding a certain skill set. Be prepared if you ask it to be able to answer!!